Citadine, moi?

Whether you go to work, hang out with friends or go shopping, being casual is the best solution to feel relaxed and still be stylish.

But how to make the difference with the others? How to have a look which is not exactly the same as all the other people you can see in the street with the same typical blue pair of jeans and white shirt?

Well, that is just of question of what KIND of casual jeans you put on and what TYPE of shape your shirt has!


From Parties.....With fashion !

Ever been willing to look gorgeous for the most official and important party of your life? It is crazy how necessary it is not to look too dressed (You know, too many jewels, too much make-up, too many clothes ^^). You simply need to find the PERFECT dress which sublimates your shapes, enhances your skin color, and makes you feel perfectly comfortable inside.


Night and day?

It often happens that you have a really busy schedule and therefore being able to manage everything can be a little difficult.  Just take an example people use to experience at least once a week. You work today but have no time to change for the party planned the same day? Don't worry, I have the solution !
All you need to take is the outfit you're going to wear for the day and maximum 3 accessories that you will keep in your bag.  LOOK :