Citadine, moi?

Whether you go to work, hang out with friends or go shopping, being casual is the best solution to feel relaxed and still be stylish.

But how to make the difference with the others? How to have a look which is not exactly the same as all the other people you can see in the street with the same typical blue pair of jeans and white shirt?

Well, that is just of question of what KIND of casual jeans you put on and what TYPE of shape your shirt has!

Let’s have a look:

The kind of garments over there is different from usual casual clothes. 7 pieces of advices to turn this common look into an outstanding one.

1) The jeans were made to be low ride with a really dark blue color so that the trousers look more elegant and really trendy

 2) Looking at the picture, the shirt's buttons go from the top right to the bottom left, not really common these days.

3) The belt was put this way on purpose. Thus, it tightens your waist and gives your outfit an original look.

4) The shoes ! THE Heels ! THE SNAKE EFFECT !! As all SATC FANshionistas, we women love heels; And even for a casual look that includes walking in the street for quite a long time or working standing up, we just HAVE to wear some!  
5) The 3 Colors’ RULE !!! No more than 3 colors, (sometimes more is acceptable, depends on the situation of course, the type of outfit or even in which context you are wearing it…).
Here, the bag, the shoes, the bracelet, the bolero etc...match all together and respond to the color’s RULE !!
6) YOUR HAIR ! Style it in a way you do not usually do. Hence, your look is perfectly made and does not abide by every other casual women.

7) Jewels !! As you get the casual look, just be sure you wear some casual jewels as well (not too flashy bracelet or necklace + your jewels should still remind one of your outfit's colors). You can also try to be a little more original by making one of your pieces by yourself (For my part --> the necklace !)

Jeans : Le temps des cerises (79€)
Shoes : San Marina (89,90€)
Shirt : So redoute (29,90€)
Belt : Phildar (14,95€)
Silver Bracelet : H&M (5€)
Earring : Bijou Brigitte (7,95€)
Watch : Bango (39,90€)
Bag : Elite (39,90€)
Bolero : Naf Naf (19,90€)

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