Les 7 péchés Capitaux... La Colère ou l'Orgueil?

Sometimes it is kind of difficult to say if someone is angry or just proud of herself? Well, look at this and share your opinion ! Is it anger? Or is it Pride?

To my mind, I would say the attitude is definitely ANGER !!! But regarding the outfit's colors, it's way much more PRIDE. When I saw this skirt in a small vintage shop in Reims, I just could not resist. Well presented in the window display with a perfecto and a red scarf on the model, the latter was put on a Rock'n Roll Harley-Davidson bike !! (sooo Banana's as Rachel Zoe says ^^) 

Obviously, with a price of 400€ for the Perfecto, I thought "Well, too nice but I just can't afford it". So I took one black leather jacket I had in my closet, bought 70 nails and hang them on the jacket. It took me something like two and a half hours but I do NOT regret it. It's soo Rock'n Roll and so cheap compared to the perfecto I saw in the shop. (Leather Jacket + 70 nails = 55€ + 45€ = 100€)

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Tee-shirt : Zao (8,90€)
Jacket : Pimkie (49,90€)
Skirt : Vintage shop (25€)
Shoes : Tendance (40€)
Bag : Zara (39,90€)
Scarf : Bijou Brigitte (12,90€)

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